Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Slow Cooked Abalone for Lunar New Year

~ Juicy and tender Abalone over a bed of Chinese greens

Abalone or Abs to those in the know, is a highly sought-after morsel for the discerning palate. When prepared well, the taste and texture of this mono-valve shellfish is heavenly. This dish is often featured at wedding banquets and other special occasions. So I thought it would be apt to served this up for our Lunar New Year dinner.  

Cooked in its own juices for many hours in a Crock pot, it does not need much seasoning or much of anything else really, although I added a dash of Shaoxing wine to accentuate its excellent flavours. The whole house was filled with its wonderful aroma while the Abalone was being cooked.    

Check out my Slow Cooked Abalone recipe and give it a go! Please leave a comment or provide your valuable feedback in the Comment box. For more recipes and food posts, please visit Malaysian Cuisine

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  1. Wow! Looks amazing. The gelatinous, circular looking bits are the fish? Are they resting on/in their shells?

    I'm going to google to see what it looks like prior to cooking. Very cool.


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