Saturday, 16 February 2013

Bitter melon & beef fillet on rice noodles

~ Crunchy bitter melon and tender beef fillet on a bed of sauteed aromatic flat rice noodles; Works well with Chicken fillet too

This is definitely one of my top lunch menu choices. I will often order this dish when it is on offer in the restaurants and eateries we frequent.

However, the quality of the finished product varies significantly depending on the restaurant or even among different chefs from the same restaurant. So, I decided to make my own. A friend commented that my dish looked yummier than what I had at the restaurant. Well, I'll have to agree with her <laugh>.

The beef should be seared in a very hot wok but left slightly pink, and the melon should not be over-cooked but left crunchy. This is a simple dish to make and yet it has sophisticated flavours for the discerning palate. The sweetness of the beef is accentuated by the slight bitterness of the melon. I'm salivating even as I compose this post.

This dish can also be served as part of a main meal with steaming hot rice instead of noodles.

Check out my Bitter Melon & Beef Noodles recipe. Please leave a comment or provide your valuable feedback in the Comment box. For more recipes and food posts, please visit Malaysian Cuisine


  1. The beef and melon mix... mmmmm - That HAS to be amazing!

  2. Yes, you have got to try it Maria.

  3. nice to eat it with warm rice. some people in Indonesia also like to drink bitter melon or 'pare' as a juice.

    1. Yes Amallia, it goes well with freshly steamed rice. That's how we often eat that too.


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