Saturday, 26 January 2013

Gin Loong Pau

~ Highly aromatic roasted flat buns filled with sweetened Azuki bean paste - often eaten at breakfast or morning tea.

It is almost impossible to buy this here in Australia. Even in Asia, this is getting to be difficult to come by these days. 

Apparently the trade is vanishing as the old master chefs go into retirement. Traditionally, the skills would have been passed down to the next generation. But these days, the younger generation is more interested in pursuing professional careers rather than continuing the family business. 

The aroma and taste of this delicious morsel bring back fond memories of my childhood, of buying this from the street vendors at the crack of dawn, and consuming it in the bus on the way to school. 

Yes, it was always breakfast on the run, having to catch the bus at quarter past six in the morning since classes start at a quarter past seven.

If you are game to give this a go, then check out my Jin Loong Pau recipe.

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