Saturday, 2 February 2013

Hakka Fung Char Gor

~ Chinese rice dumpling filled with shredded coconut roasted and caramelised sugar 


This traditional sweet rice dumpling is also known as Longevity Kuih. It is often featured as an offering to the Taoist god Tien Seen which means God of the Skies during thanksgiving rituals for seniors' birthdays. There will be one Fung Char Gor offered  for each year of life. I recall seeing 61 of these during my granny's 61st birthday celebration many years ago.

Although I've made this Orange in colour, they are traditionally coloured Red, the colour of happiness and prosperity in the Chinese culture. I've used an American-made Sunset Orange colour gel by MasterChef which I've picked up from a cake decoration supply shop recently.

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  1. Coconut roasted with caramelized sugar? I'm so there! :-)

    1. Unfortunately, this snack will probably be impossible to obtain in your locality.


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