Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rice Paper Chicken

~ Chicken pieces marinated with aromatic Indian shallots and ginger juice, and cooked in its own parcels. 

Jee Pow Kai meaning "Paper wrapped chicken" is a popular dish among diners in many restaurants and eateries in Malaysia. Brought by migrating Chinese to Malaya at the turn of the last century, the original recipe had endured the test of time although inventive cooks often add other ingredients these days.

Some were known to wrap the chicken pieces with aluminium foil instead of rice paper. Since the chicken pieces are to be deep fried, I'm not a big fan of this material as it might release harmful vapours or oxides into the food. Moreover, the use of shiny aluminium foil as a wrapper tends to diminish the rustic and romantic appeal of this fabulous dish.

I prefer the traditional recipe consisting of only chicken pieces and the use of rice paper or oven baking paper or baking parchment for the parcels.

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