Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Chinese Broccoli & Beef Noodles Cantonese Style

~ Sliced beef fillet with crunchy Chinese Broccoli served with sauteed Rice noodles; Works well with Prawns or Chicken thigh fillet too

This is a dish I used to order when we visit one of my favourite restaurants. The family loved it so much that I decided to make this in my own kitchen. 

The secret of turning this dish into a tasty delight is just two simple things; The Hor Fun must be sauteed in a very hot wok so that you can taste the slightly smoked flavor. And the second thing is not to overcook the sliced beef fillet. It should be seared in a very hot wok but left slightly pink to retain its sweetness and tenderness. 

If you are not a big fan of Beef dishes, you can also use Prawns, Chicken thigh fillets or Chicken tender loins. I would advise against using Chicken breast fillets because they tend to dry-out when fried in a wok. Have fun in the kitchen. 

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